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Steel Water Putty Paste
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303 steel water putty paste, is an excellent water resistance properties and the higher cost of leveling the wall material.

1. good water resistance, after construction in the humid environment can not afford drums, do not crack, do not fall off;

2. products using natural raw materials, do not add any preservatives, safety and environmental protection;

3. good durability, long life, under normal conditions can be maintained 10--15 years (generally putty life can only reach 5 years), the second decoration Free eradicate;

4. feel good, smooth surface after construction received light, delicate and can be used directly as a decorative layer;

5. The product has good whiteness, fineness, saving the amount of latex paint.

Technical standard:JC/T298-2010(Type N)

Environmental standard: GB 18582-2008(Limitation on toxins in interior wall coating material)  

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